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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  July 7, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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now if you think that's shocking, check this out. good old fashion yoplait®, it's not made with cage free norwegian hemp milk. and guess what? she loves it. ♪ well, it has been a wet day so farrah cross the region round one of today's wet weather dropped some heavy rain in some spots, storm scan three shows the showers moving east but we're not out of the wood just yet another line will move in later today so keep umbrellas handy. watch out for scattered showers and storms throughout the day g afternoon i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. meteorologist katie fehlinger is track the rain and she pinpoint timing for the rest of the day, hi there kate. >> he we had soaking rain over broadcast center and we had heavier rain off to the north
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and west of that. you can see the progression of that rain at the moment, even a couple thunderstorms out there too but lets talk statistics, briefly specific to allentown again, lehigh veil, poconos have been blasted with soaking rain and this is just so far for to day , 1.78 inches of rain has fallen and had does pretty much shatter the old record left at 1947 for daily rainfall of 1.39 inches. with that said, it is clearly not only place that got hit hard with rain. you will notice at the moment this wider zoom that the bulk of the widespread rain is up toward, long island, parts of the connecticut. we have this line moving through. once this gets through and even already we are starting to see skies clearing out. take a look for example at, an interestingly, packed beach at boardwalk plaza in rehoboth delaware which has been slammed last day and a half with soaking rain but it has dried out nicely. you cannot bank on it staying this way every where and reason is another little line of rain, thunderstorms that
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will eventually work its way through, later on this afternoon. here's where we currently stand. it is still a little bit on the cool side, it is cooler in philadelphia then it is in lancaster but that sky has brightened up throughout the afternoon. we do begin to rebound nicely but as i mentioned later in the afternoon more showers and thunderstorms will work their way in and i think guys, that will generally happen toward tail end of the afternoon and early evening and we will get more specific of the timing later on, back to you. katie, see you then, thank you. cameras were rolling as president trump and russian president vladamire putin complicated one another just a short time ago. they sat down together for the first time, correspondent moa lenghi is at the white house with more of the historic encounter. >> reporter: president trump and russian president vladamire putin sat down for their first, face-to-face meeting. >> it is an honor to with you. >> reporter: north cover reand syria are on the agenda but with only 30 minutes to talk
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including translation time white house officials say don't expect much to be accomplished. >> not a lot of time to get into these issues so state of these meeting has become high. >> reporter: while russian interference in the presidential election was not expected to come up, president raised the issue on twitter saying, everyone here is talking about why joe podesta refused to give dnc server to the fbi and cia. disgraceful. it wasn't all putin and russia today, president had a meeting with mexican president enrique neto. >> we are negotiating nafta and other things with mexico and we will see how it turns out. >> reporter: he cancelled a meeting with president trump at the white house earlier this year after a dispute over the border wall. >> unaudible. >> reporter: demonstrators continue their violent protests outside the summit. they blame g20 leaders for problems including climate change and migration crisis. they even successfully blocked
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medical land use trump from leaving her hotel this morning moa lenghi for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". officialness southwest philadelphia are investigating a string of drive by attacks that involved paint ball gun shootings and entire works being thrown. "eyewitness news" reporter alycia nieves is live on wood land avenue with the details on hoist getting hit, alycia. >> reporter: well, jim, in the past week there have been three drive by attacks and two of them victims were someone involved or connected to transgender community or transgendered person leading police to be initially concerned that community was being targeted. but now authorities are not so sure that is the case. around the fourth of july outside morris home on wood land avenue in philadelphia, fire works were thrown at an employee. they came from a car driving bias employee was simply waiting for a trolley outside none in profit home that helped people in the transgendered community. on the same street a few days later yesterday police were
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called after a car stopped in the same area of wood land avenue and let off a paint ball gun hitting two transgendered individual. authorities were initially concerned that people in the transgendered community here were targeted but then there was a third incident another paint ball gun attack nearby. individuals shot were not transgendered. at this point police believe there may be more a series of random reckless attacks but still are working hard to try to find the individual who shot at people in this southwest philadelphia community. police believe that the car involved in these drive by attacks is a newer model, model grail infinity that has silver lining around the windows and has pa plates. authorities are preparing to release new surveillance video of that car and the incident, along with more information later today. we will have that in our later newscasts. reporting live from southwest philadelphia, alycia nieves for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". see you then, thank you. also a disturbing
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discovery prompted a police investigation in philadelphia this noose was found hanging from a tree outside graduate high school at 18th and lombard. it is unclear how long it was there investigators are looking into who may have placed it here but it does not appear to be directed toward a specific person. family and friend are saying their final farewell to the teen who was shot and killed during a road rage incident in chester county. viewing and funeral services for is the year-old bianca roberson was held at st. paul baptist church in west chester twenty-eight year-old david desper shot roberson after both drivers tried to merge in the same lane on route 100 in west goshen. desper turned himself in. five dallas police overs killed in the worra tack on law enforcement since 9/11 are being remember. a weekend of honor is underway in texas to mark within year since the deadly police shooting. the victim watched, families watched as the circle of heroes memorial was unveiled. the officers were on duty at a
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peaceful protest last year that was meant to bring attention to the killing of african americans, by police, when they were shot. in oakland, california, thick heavy smoke could be seen for miles this morning after a massive fire erupted at a construction site. fire broke out, just around 5:00 o'clock in the morning local time and quickly grew to four alarms. crews were continuing to fight , the fire, when the sun came up, so far no injuries have been reported and investigators have not released the cause of that fire. this noon there is new video of american airline jet that caught fire at chicago's o'hare airport last october. the ntsb released this video as part of the preliminary report as they try to determine what caused the plane's right engine to burst into flames. the report describes chaos on board the plane as passengers moved to the left side and pleaded with flight attendant toss evacuate the cabin. 170 people were on board at the time. one person was seriously injured. ntsb investigation is expected to take months. in other airline news officials say a beijing bound,
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delta airline flight had to return to seattle after a passenger allegedly assaulted a flight attendant. authorities say it happened about 45 minutes after take over from sea tack airport last night. they said man tried to enter the cockpit. officials say man was restrained by other passengers on board. one of the pass evening hours didn't want to be identified describe the scuffle. >> started to go toward the exit door where flight attendant tried to subdue him, where she got, you know, punched, and then another guy came in, tried to help, and he got drilled too. >> reporter: two people were transported to the hospital, the rest of the passengers were rebooked on a flight, last night, too to beijing. fbi says there is no indication that the incident was a threat to national security. a newly uncovered photo could shed new light on the mystery surrounding the disappearance of american aviation pie neat amelia earhardt. >> she's believed to have crash landed in the pacific in 1937, well, some experts say
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this photo proved earhardt and her navigate or survived the crash, others called the photo another unproven they are bye their disappearance. so what do you think? people are comparing, the picture to this photo that shows with that same dock in the pacific looks like right now. governor chris christie is getting another shot to talk sports on the radio. christie will be filling in on monday and tuesday afternoon on our sister radiation station wfan in new york. governor has appeared on the morning show where he made some in the so flattering comments about the eagles and their fans. christie has said in the past that he is interested in sports, broadcasting. well, coming up garage sales would be popping up in neighborhood this weekend but there are some tips you may want to know before you go. >> coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" what you should and should not buy even if the deals seem too good to pass up. plus this babe photo has gone viral over what looks like appearing on her face, it is a little girl's mother says it is not what you think. we will explain when
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"eyewitness news" at noon
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well, back now on "eyewitness news" at noon 68th annual kutztown foulke festival is underway and we will bring it to you as part of the cbs-3 summer fest. now through sunday energy live music, dancing, foulke art and more and don't forget great food. we love our food. join ukee washington, lauren casey, vittoria woodill who will be live later today on "eyewitness news". all that begins at 5:00.
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summer is the season of garage sales but there are some items that may not be such great deals. cbs news correspondent wendy gilette reports on what not to buy when you go looking for a good deal. >> reporter: quite a find at a recent garage sale in mount vernon, new york. paying just five dollars for a vacuum cleaner. >> i think one like this may be like 90 bucks. so, at a store or more. >> reporter: great deal. >> yes, perfect deal. >> reporter: but editors of the readers digest say not everything is a great deal at a garage sale if it is cheap. >> everybody wants to save money but at some point you can end up with things that are just unsafe, plane old gross, broken and nobody wants that. >> reporter: readers digest do not buy list including several baby products, cribs, because they could be subject to recalls, car seats, since they may have been in an accident or have changing safety standard, and older bottles which might contain chemical b
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pa. others include make up because it expires, hats for potential lice and cd and dvd in case they are scratched. this is another item on the list, bathing suits because they may not be sanitized and may easily rip. >> would i not buy under garment is here, no. >> reporter: why is that? >> too picky about that, even if you clean it, disinfect it i'm still not comfortable with that. >> reporter: more no, no according to readers digest shoes because of the foot fungus and stuffed animals. >> you don't know what is living in those things. think about what your kid do to stuffed animals. you don't even want to think about that. >> reporter: if you still want items, buyer beware. wendy gilette for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". there can be so many comments to that we will not touch that. >> underwear? >> we will not touch that jim. >> where are these garage sales. bear breaks in the house in the dead of the night, nope , it is not a joke, it is
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all caught on camera. we will show it to you coming up next. this photo is sparking a heated debate on social media and that little girls mom, she wanted it that way. we will explain. katie. >> interesting. we are looking to a week end that gets better from here , while we started off certainly with a little bit of wet weather as late as early tomorrow morning, generally we are clearing out for sunshine and really nice conditions, and mid 80's, comfortable warmth and nothing more than sunshine especially by sunday, we will be right back with the rest of the transition, still some rain to track, just after the break.
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well, back on "eyewitness news" with an annual tradition in spain, running of the bulls , many of the runners finish the 930-yard course, mostly unharmed but others were not so lucky. red cross says at lee two men suffered serious injuries, one was gored by a bull in the chest and another man was gor ed in the abdomen. most of the other injuries included bumps and bruces. um, um. take a look at this, a bear broke in the colorado springs home while owners were sleeping, and rummaged through the kitchen in search of the snack. now apparently you see them running there,. >> open up the fridge he didn't get any grub but parks, wild life officials say 375- pound animal pose aid public threat and had to be euthanized. bear did manage to stay in the house for five hours without anyone noticing. >> was anyone home in the house how could you not notice a 300-pound bear in your house >> must have been very quiet.
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>> they were sleeping, right. >> yes. >> poor thing. >> he is just hungry. >> that is the thing. we talked about this all the time. i feel like we talk about bear stories right and left. black bears are indigenous to our area but up at state parks , people, people feed them and you should in the do that because then they get domestic and that is not good. >> poor thing. >> that is a real shame. >> but back here at home. >> yes. >> more positive news, the weather. >> yes, it does get that way, so now, i got stuck in the rain. i'll be honest i knew what i was getting into. i knew it would be raining any second but girlfriend need a coffee break, and i had a meeting, it was my only window i had to blow dry my feet, very, very bizarre. lets show you out things have shaken out in the last day and a half. this is crazy, amount have rainfall that has come down across the specifically southwestern new castle county , they have had gotten
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absolutely, clobbered, in the last 18 hours, and look at that, bull's eye, you're talking doppler estimated amounts here and verified amounts here of five plus inches in this zone. incredible, to have seen that amount of rain. it was a lot of flooding that had gone on in that area and other sports as well. since yesterday in new castle county they got hit hard, washed out roadways, day care, that got flooded, vehicles stranded and another report came in this morning from the rain up across lehigh valley and poconos, northampton county of flooded roadways and someone did not heed warning. turnaround don't drawn. they drove into it. they got their vehicles stuck and this person was trapped and had to be rescued up in forks township. these things may be changing but they are there for a reason. if you run into flooding and it is possible, please be smart and never drive through. that looking off to the west you can see this line of showers, pushing its way, in toward allegheny right now and that will cross our area later
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this afternoon. at the wide zoom things are definitely clearing out in the wake of this, still stormy weather back across the great lakes but all and all we are looking ahead to an okay upcoming weekend. a beautiful second half. but lets walk you through this timing here. that first batch have rain gets out of here moving out to sea in later then two or 2:30 but then these speckles show up and we have summer fest coverage taking place in kutztown later today. i do think is there a possibility we will see one of these spots pick up over kutztown fair ground. keep in mind heading out to say hi to ukee and the gang you may want to think about rain gear heading out that way things do clear out later tonight and in the weekend ahead. beautiful looking forecast, skies start to clear nicely. and with that said we have flood warnings posted that will last us for another 40 or 45 minutes or so for parts of the poconos, lehigh valley as well, much of the northampton county included as the rest of the region here. just keep that in mind. this is a live picture for you
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up at frenchmanor where skies are brightening up some times we get delayed reaction with flooding issues, even the skies are beginning to clear out, there is still residual, recede ago this need to take place with that rainfall. at the moment outside our own broadcast center you can see center city in the distance still cloudy skies but rain has add a chance to wrap up for now. win also noticeable out of the north at 14 miles an hour and still on the cool side. we have not budged on the thermometer in the last few hours but still expect to go eventually do just that warm up nicely. your shore forecast, next few days looks the best but we will continue to see, some cloud, and potential for left over shower or thunderstorm at some point later today. moving forward like we said that weekend forecast is, lovely, 88 degrees by tomorrow in the city. eighty-four on sunday. we have expect to see that lower humidity make for very comfortable conditions, monday , also looking fantastic , and then by tuesday , yes, turning steamy
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all ahead have the another frontal boundary that will bring potential for scattered showers i think for tuesday as well. >> okay, thank you. >> you got it. >> well, they say diamonds are a girl's best friend but how about a diamond stud on a baby 's face? well, woman who posted this photo to facebook is getting serious backlash for what looks like a dimple piercing on her six month-old daughter, but it is not real. mom said she glued the stud on the photo to advocate against piercing children. >> in their ears or just... >> i don't know. >> that is an interesting debate though because i personally want to give my girls to make the choice do you want your ears pierced but others say get it done early, and i can say i'm for that. it is an interesting debate. the debate continues. >> definitely. >> she's getting lots of comments. >> here's the question what do you get. >> a mystery. >> we will show you, coming
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very special weekend at adventure aquarium in camden. >> this hippo was celebrating her 17th birthday, she was presented with the special new jersey driver's license, and cake and treats. she did in the eat that but she did eat vegan fruit and veggies cake. >> fantastic. well that is "eyewitness news" at noon. >> i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. for katie and all of us here thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. we're always on line at cbs >> stay dry today, the young and restless is coming up next
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>> michael: you're moving to oregon? >> kevin: portland. it's a nice city. >> esther: and you're gonna just pack up bella and head off on your merry way? >> kevin: i'm sorry for just dropping this on you guys, but it's what i have to do. i need a new start. >> michael: then do it here. you have before. >> kevin: i need something new. i'm sorry. it's my life, my choice. >> esther: and this is the way to do it -- moving 2,000 miles away? >> michael: look, you make all these plans to go to tahiti, and then, out of nowhere, you change your mind, head west, don't tell anyone what you're up to. and now you want to turn your whole life upside down? >> kevin: i know this is a surprise. >> michael: it's not a surprise. it's nonsensical. what's really going on, kevin? >> sharon: care to tell me what's going on in that mind of


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